Thank you for choosing to be listed on one of South Africa’s well known Travel websites. We target the local traveler but seem to be getting the attention of the international market too.

On our website we now have readers booking Flights, Car rentals and accommodation.

On this site we want to start loading all Registered South African Tour Operators as we always get these requests from our readers and social media followers.

We are prepared to load your company at no cost. All bookings will be done via us to your company.

We will require 10% of the bookings made through our company. So we will give the client your banking details and we will invoice you for our 10% commission.

If you are interested to be loaded please reply to this email so that we can get the ball rolling.

We will load each Trip on its own as it can become confusing to load all together.

We will need the following information

  1. Your Company Name
  2. Tour/ Trip name (eg. Famous museums of Gauteng, West Coast Trip)
  3. Is it half day/ Full day / mention how many days etc.
  4. Detailed Itinerary of the tour (By date and times)
  5. Description of this specific tour
  6. Pricing individual / Bulk package / Special offer info if applicable
  7. Is the date fixed or can Client set book this trip on their availability.
  8. Mention extra cost for client , incl / excluding activities or cost of this tour
  9. Send at least min 3 – max 10 Images via wetransfer
  10. Frequent asked Questions with answers
  11. If you have any specific #hashtags you want us to note on website please send.
  12. Any special activities that you want me to note.
  13. Your Banking details



  1. The client is a traveler/s booking contracting in his/her personal capacity with Agencies through Second Chance Media (PTY) Ltd.
  2. Special Requests must be made at the time of booking. (some request will affect the cost of the booking and the Client will be liable for the extra cost incurred)
  3. Clients are responsible for ensuring that they are in possession of all their own travel documentation.
  4. Client needs to ensure that all travel documentation is valid and in accordance with the booking requirements.
  5. Tours are conducted by our trusted Agents/ Tour Guide,etc. They will send all their own contracts with terms and conditions with all confirmed bookings to us to be forward to the client.
  6. Second Chance Media (PTY) Ltd. website is used as a tool to plan your trip in South Africa. So all affiliates / Agents / Tour Guides will send all their own terms and conditions with all confirmed bookings.


  1. Payment will be due and payable by the client on or before the date set for the confirmation booking by Second Chance Media (PTY) Ltd. / Agents.
  2. Second Chance Media (PTY) Ltd. / Agents shall be entitled to cancel any reservation where payment (or deposits in some cases) has not been made by the set date allocated to Client.
  3. Where a deposit was paid, and the reservation is subsequently cancelled by Second Chance Media (PTY) Ltd./ Agents for failure to pay the balance outstanding, the deposit paid will be forfeited to Second Chance Media (PTY) Ltd./ Agents.
  4. When making payment please use the reference on the invoice provided.


  1. No changes can be made to bookings after client received conformation
  2. No refunds will be made for no-shows, or any unused services irrespective of whether they form part of the basic inclusive tour price, or whether they are in respect of pre-booked or optional arrangements.
  3. The Client is liable for any extra additional cost added to the confirmed package booked.


  1. In the even that a Client cancelling their reservation for any reason, such cancelations must be made in writing. (Or telephonically and then confirmed forthwith in writing / emailed to the relevant agent, this will vary. Please check the contract of confirmation booking.)


  1. Cancellation fees will vary with each agent / tour operator. (Please check the contract of confirmation booking.)


  1. In the event of willful misconduct or gross negligent by Client then the Agent / Tour guide has the right to exclude Client from the tour or cancel the Client’s booking with immediate effect.
  2. In the event of willful misconduct or gross negligence by Client then neither Second Chance Media (PTY) Ltd. or the Agent / Tour guide will be held liable or any loss, injury, death or damages that might be incurred.


  1. Second Chance Media (PTY) Ltd. also referred to as Mzanzitravel (due to our Mzanzitravel Publication) sets out to showcase, foster and promote whatever South Africa has to offer to both local and international tourists. The aim of the booking site is to assist plan and map your next trip in and around South Africa.
  2. Second Chance Media (PTY) Ltd. is a member of Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism and Cape Town Tourism. We Pride ourselves in affiliating with anyone that has a passion for promoting and showcasing our tourism industry.
  3. Second Chance Media (PTY) Ltd. website is used as a platform for different travel agent’s suppliers of trusted tour guide packages, accommodation, activities, flights and car rentals. Please keep in mind that we have no direct control of the efficiency of the service or package deals provided by the agent’s’/ suppliers via our website. Therefore, we are not liable for any loss, damage, injury, additional cost, accidents, delay, irregularity that may be occur by default or error, act of omission of any supplier in carrying out the arrangements of the bookings.
  4. Second Chance Media (PTY) Ltd. accepts no liability of any types of changes, omissions or delays before or during the course of the booking and technical difficulties, weather conditions, communication breakdowns, cancelations due to client’s personal circumstances (e.g. Death or Illness) or events beyond the control of Second Chance Media (PTY) Ltd.
  5. Second Chance Media (PTY) Ltd. will not be held responsible for charges that appears on a traveller’s credit card not levied/ affected directly by Second Chance Media (PTY) Ltd. (e.g. a credit card charge by a hotel etc) nor accept responsibility for having reversed or corrected upon traveller’s return to his / her country of departure or final destination.
  6. Please feel free to contact us via email ( to affiliate yourself with us if you feel you can contribute to our website to better the traveller’s trip.